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Paraíso Ecológico Pousada & SPA (Learn more about the Hotel)
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Deposit / Guarantee Policies

We accept payment via Credit Card and Bank Deposit. To make the reservation, a minimum prepayment of 50% of the total reservation amount or 100% (with an extra discount on payment via deposit) is required. When paying via CREDIT CARD, it will be necessary to fill out a debit authorization attached with the holder's documentation. To start the accommodation, all amounts must appear as PAID within 24 hours before check-in. Accepted debit/credit card brands: Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Elo.

Cancellation Policies

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, for CANCELLATIONS or RESCHEDULING during the period of public calamity declared by the Brazilian authorities, and in accordance with Brazilian Laws No. 14,046, are:
1) Guarantee the issuance of a VOUCHER (credit) of amounts paid for use within 12 months for exclusive use in daily accommodation, counted from the date of closing of the state of calamity provided for 12/31/2021 - which may be postponed by official authorities until the official end of the pandemic.
2) Rescheduling is also available for reservations that contain 100% advance payment, as an alternative to the momentary inability to attend. For this, the original configuration of the reservation must be observed. Changes in the number of nights, number or age of passengers, or rate period may result in additional charges.
3) Requests of reservation changes or cancellation must be communicated with maximum advance, with a deadline of up to 48 hours before the original check-in. Non-attendance at the accommodation, without request to change the reservation, will be characterized as "no-show" and cannot be converted into credit or rescheduled. If, due to force majeure, death or hospitalization, the holder of the reservation cannot communicate the hotel, the request must be made by an heir or successor within 120 days from the date of occurrence of the fact preventing the request, for the appropriate measures .

IMPORTANT: Conditions above follow in accordance with Law No. 14,046, of August 24, 2020.


  • From 9/1/2022 To 12/26/2022
  • From 1/4/2023 To 12/26/2023

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