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Santa Clara Eco Resort Santa Clara Eco Resort
Santa Clara Eco Resort
contact Brasil, Dourado

Located in the center of the State of São Paulo, Santa Clara Eco Resort was built in harmony with nature, close to cities like Brotas, Jaú, São Carlos and Ribeirão Preto. Elected for 3 consecutive years, by the TripAdvisor, As the best hotel in Brazil and South America and among the best in the world for families, it is a perfect place for all ages. The farm has large areas of untouched forests, two waterfalls, valleys and several springs that form green and water scenarios on all sides. The hotel's headquarters is a farm built in the early twentieth century by President Washington Luís's family, and keeps all its charm to this day. In fact, it is precisely the fact that it was a farm that made the gastronomy of Santa Clara to be so special! The dishes are balanced and varied, with various types of meats, fish, pasta, salads and organic vegetables harvested every day in their own vegetable garden, without agrochemicals or preservatives. And in his confectionery, several breads, biscuits, cakes, pies, cheeses, jellies, homemade sweets, etc. are prepared. Everything served fresh in meals. With an area of ​​360 hectares, it has a complete leisure structure, with swimming pools, hypical, courts, soccer field, as well as various activities and adventures for children and adults. Especially for children, he has: Mini Fazendinha, where they can walk in the organic garden and participate in the milking of the cows; toy; teen space; Playground; Carriage rides and special menus on the children's buffet and flexibility at meal times. Everything always accompanied by the staff of specially trained monitors that guarantee the recreation from 3 years. For parents looking to relax, Spa Santa Clara by L'Occitane is the ideal space. With 490sqm, it offers baths, massages and treatments for detoxification, exfoliation and body modeling made by professionals trained by L'Occitane and with the products that have consecrated the French brand around the world.

Clara Ibiúna Resort Clara Ibiúna Resort
Clara Ibiúna Resort
contact Brasil, Ibiuna

Located in Ibiúna, 72 km from Sao Paulo, Clara Ibiúna Resort is a place that lavishes charm and natural beauties. With Architectural Design of Cláudio Bernardes and Daniel Fromer and Marina Linhares interior design, it has three miles from margin with the Ituperanga Dam. It is the 2nd business of the Clara Resorts network, in which the other Hotel Santa Clara Eco Resort was elected by the 3rd consecutive year, the best hotel in Brazil and South America and among the best in the world for families by the TripAdvisor website. Clara Ibiúna Resort differs from its exclusive services and service allied to complete leisure structure and activities for the whole family. At the resort you will find the hospitality, leisure and specialized monitoring that are already success in the group, as well as helipon, blocks, hypical, nautical and terrestrial sports. All always in contact with nature.

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